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My Room Productions Karaoke
About Us
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My Room Productions is a company based on fun and the love of music.

Our Business Philosophy

My Room Productions is based on the idea of fun. If it's not fun then we do not want to do it. The love of music and the joy of seeing ordinary people perform it is the bases for our rewards. Of course, the money is nice too

Our business is dedicated to the production of a good quality, inexpensive product that will improve the lives of our customers.

Our Company

My Room Productions was started in 2000. The Millennium year was a good starting point for us. We have searched many musical avenues and found this the best for our happiness.

Our Employees

David S. Palmasano:

Is the owner and operator of My Room Productions. He has been a lover of music since the age of 12 when he received his first guitar for Christmas. He has performed with High School bands (The Magic Chicken and Freight) and performed on his own with only guitar and microphone.

Within the last year -- thanks to his friends (Amy and Jerry) his interest in Karaoke has grown from thinking it was useless to a two-night a week habit.

He feels there is no bigger thrill then to see normal people getting up and singing their hearts out. Some good, some not so good. But when a special person belts out that song that touches the heart -- there is nothing better!

Dave's regular job is as a maintenance man for a school district in St. Charles, MO.